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[Ludum Dare 38 Entry]

The earth as we know it was destroyed. Scientists and engineers scrambled and built a mini "planet" to escape the end of man kind. However, due to its artificial nature, it is incapable of producing anything but some space. Scavengers are sent out to gather necessary resources for survival.

Your job as an Operator is simple. You operate the incoming cargo ships and lead them to their docking station. Considering the limited resources in this barely habitable artificial planet, you should be diligent about it.

Survival of the last colony of man kind at your fingers.
Good luck.

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* Controls *

There are 4 docking stations and each one of them has their own keyboard key. Worry not. Control Keys are laid out on the Control Panel.

Station 1:

Thrust In: E
Thrust Out: Q
Dock: R

Station 2:

Thrust In: D
Thrust Out: A
Dock: F

Station 3:

Thrust In: J
Thrust Out: L
Dock: H

Station 4:

Thrust In: I
Thrust Out: P
Dock: U


LD38 The Last Colony.app.zip 15 MB
LD38 The Last Colony Web.zip 6 MB

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